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About us

The company Sami Promet was founded in 1999 in Breza, as a private business and the exclusive representative of the company Kalle GmbH from Wiesbaden, the world's no.1 manufacturer of polyamid, faser and cellulose casings.


In the following two years, the product range offered to the BiH market was extended to include additional repromaterial required in the meat processing industry. The new product range emphasized collagenous edible and inedible casings produced by Devro s.r.o. (Czech Republic), soy protein isolates and concentrates produced by the reputable manufacturer The Solae Company, spices of the german manufacturers Schridde GmbH and Lay Gewuerze OHG, phosphates, natural colors, clips, hooks, as well as spare parts for various machines used in the meat processing industry.


Since its establishment Sami Promet experiences a steadily increased turnover. More specificaly. the tracked turnover increased ten fold compared to the establishment year 1999. Consequently, Sami Promet has become the countries leader in supplying the meat processing industry with the required repromaterial. 

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